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! The Haiku Challenge 2012 - 29 days – 29 Haiku - Day 17 !

~ Haiku from my perspective ~

those sad eyes waiting
for her drunkard husband to
return home, will he?

~ Haiku from her perspective ~

neither he nor God
has time to worry or think
about us, hatred life

My son and I were
the victims of that drunkard
bastard, sinful life

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012

Day 17 – February 17th – Theme or Word: Wait + Paint the Image

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  1. SiS..it's all in the flow.. how could we be thinking the same thoughts for our first haiku..here..and posted all most the same time...it's midnight here ..this is becoming interesting...don't know where would it take in next 12 days.. Amazing effort form you SiS...

  2. A poignant profile of the image enhanced by allowing one figure become the haiku narrator! Beautiful!

  3. So creative to write it from two perspectives...so much pain in alcohol abuse..you have captured it well

  4. Painted the reality very beautifully....Greatly penned

  5. I like that you tackled it from the two perspectives ... very clever ... and poignant! Thank you for sharing, and hosting this month's challenge. More than 1/2 way ... Nice. Happy weekend to you!

  6. just too sad... too painful for me, Sis! beautifully written.

  7. I know hard times can be a test of faith but we should know and believe that God cares for every creation of His. :)

  8. @ Ramesh Sood

    Thank you so much Rameshji and I'm glad that you too wrote on the same lines and this makes you interesting.. Smiles..

  9. @ Gemma Wiseman

    Glad to read your encouraging words Gemma! Happy!

  10. @ SweetTalkingGuy

    Thank you so much Andy!.. Glad to read your words..

  11. @ Susie Clevenger

    Thanks for your encouraging words! So much of pain.. Should find a way to get out of it (for her)..

  12. @ becca givens

    Thanks becca.. so sweet of you.. I am indeed happy to cross more than half way.. SmileS..

  13. @ Mama Zen

    I really like that first one!

    thanks and I super glad to read your words..

  14. @ myheartslovesongs

    just too sad... too painful for me, Sis! beautifully written.

    Thanks Dani.. yeah it is sad.....

  15. @ Amber

    I know hard times can be a test of faith but we should know and believe that God cares for every creation of His. :)

    very true Amber.. Loved your words..

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